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Leicester Garden Design

Lucy Turner - leicester garden designHello! I’m Lucy Turner, the owner of Greenspace Leicester garden design, and a hands-on horticulturist with over 15 years professional experience in the industry. A qualified and experienced gardener and plants-woman who will ensure the highest level of expertise and on-going development of your garden.
I began my career working on the Duke of Westminster’s London Estate in Belgravia and Mayfair, gaining experience in maintaining and managing the gardens of the Estate’s commercial properties as well as private residential squares such as Eaton Square, Belgrave Square and Chester Square. I also enjoyed working in Wellington, New Zealand as a crafts gardener at Government House and Parliament Buildings.
I have a background in Arts achieving a BA Honours Degree in Dance & Visual Art and have a keen eye for detail and a flair for creativity.
My mission is to deliver your aspirations and dreams; by delivering the highest standard of work; using all the desired aesthetics and functions of your individual green space with a passion for all things plants and also a love for pruning and refurbishing all things green.

What I’ve learned over the years as a Garden Designer and trained Horticulturalist is that you can turn any green space into something beautiful, lush and bursting with colour with just a few simple principles…

What do you want to do in your garden? How do you want to feel? What will your garden look like?



Sculpted – Strong architectural plants offer sharply contrasting effects with their different forms, textures and stature, adding grace and elegance to their surroundings with a sense of the exotic. Bold and bountiful shapes and mounds help create the overall theme and feel of your garden.


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Simple – Are you just too busy to keep on top of your garden and need it to be easily maintained? Keep it simple with a design that is restricting in its menu of materials with a small colour palette. Clean sharp edges or soft round curves with splashes of vivid specimen planting can make such a stunning impact. 







Urban – Contemporary and minimalist designs are easy to maintain, practical and deliver real visual impact. Your ‘outdoor room’ can be used for entertaining and socializing while also offering space for children to play.






Relaxed –  A garden designed to provide a quiet, tranquil and peaceful space for you to sit, unwind and enjoy having a garden. That can be the perfect antidote to a busy day… Just sit back and enjoy the view and simply soak up the open air.




Functional – Does your business have a garden for your staff or clients to enjoy? Are you a Hotel, Pub or Restaurant that uses your garden for summer functions and outdoor entertaining? Or do you love to get down and dirty in the garden? You like to use your garden for a multitude of activities so you need a garden design that offers seasonal interest, continuous change and involvement. 

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Colourful – A whole array of colours and textures add vibrancy, subtlety and change to your garden throughout the seasons. Use soft colour palettes for a tranquil and restorative environment or striking, vivid colours that energise and stimulate with hot vibrant spiky and bold plants. Flowers also attract all kinds of wildlife bringing your borders to life with birds, bees and butterflies.






Mood Changing – Your garden surroundings should awaken your emotions with lots of sensory stimulation, vibrant colour, textural diversity and striking features. Whether it be a place for quiet reflection, or a simple garden of evergreens, colours, shapes, fragrance and foliage will affect the tone and feel of your garden.


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Stylish – Do you love the formality of traditional gardens or the flowers of cottage or country gardens? What about contemporary or minimalistic gardens, or perhaps the simplicity of Asian-inspired spaces? Bold, striking, low maintenance or high maintenance? Are you a gardener that loves the activities and practicalities of the garden? Let us help you find your ideal garden style…


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Whatever your needs, we have a keen eye for detail, perhaps almost too keen…but it works. We are qualified and experienced in all areas of Horticulture and Garden Design.

We have the knowledge, the passion and the flair to undertake any horticultural or soft landscaping project you may have. You can be assured that a greenspace garden design will meet your needs for for years to come.