Let us transform your greenspace

Planting Schemes and Designs

Leicester garden design is here to provide you with all your gardening needs and specialise in planting schemes and designs. Garden design and Horticulture comes in many forms and styles of application.

We believe passionately, that gardens should be a real source of pride and enjoyment to their owners. Nurtured and developed to get the very best out of each outdoor space, but this doesn’t have to be with major surgery, or by missing out on an opportunity of improvement.

If you would like us to shape and tidy twice a year, or for a special occasion; or if you just want advice from someone qualified and experienced in all areas of Horticulture and Garden Design; we are on hand in just one click right here to find out how we can transform your garden.

You may just want some professional advice on your favourite plants, or help with some ideas and a once a year tidy up; whether it’s a garden, public, or private green space.  Here are just some of the things we can do for you:

Full Planting Service

From design and preparation, through to purchase and installation.
Shrub & border management, pruning, and planting are all carried out to our own exacting high standards.
Tired and underwhelming spaces can also be transformed with pots, planters and window boxes.

Plants Woman & Horticulturalist

As a plants woman and horticulturalist I am passionate about all things plants. I offer advice and guidance and will happily help you create your garden with whatever level of requirements you need to achieve your desired vision. You can learn and get inspired whilst putting your new knowledge into practice.

Restyle and Makeovers

Do you need scheduled tidy ups, or a restyle, or help resolving planting and styling issues as your border is getting too crammed and full. We are able to resolve these kind of issues by transplanting and re positioning your plants.

Knowing how to weed properly is a skill and we are able to differentiate between herbaceous perennials and a weed.

Routine schedules can be arranged through our bespoke service to suit your requirements.

Regenerative Pruning

Pruning is the best way to rejuvenate your garden shrubs without having to replace them. Your garden shrubs need invigorating as this encourages strong, healthy shoots and improves flowering.

We have the expertise of knowing what shrubs need pruning and when; and how they need pruning. All crucial for correct pruning for enhancing the shrubs season of interest.

Teaching – Planting Schemes & Horticulture

Just want to know a bit more whilst you are in your garden? Or would you like some planting scheme design ideas? I can help you form a beautiful plan and guide you on how to select the right plants for the right place. We can look at plant forms, styles, conditions and desired layering of seasons of interest.

Learn how to prune, reduce, and rejuvenate shrubs at the correct time of year . Most plants benefit from a regular prune and will enhance its performance.

Helping you create your own personal design and maintenance scheduling for your garden.



If you would like us to shape and tidy twice a year or for a special occasion… or if you just want some friendly advice from someone qualified and experienced in all areas of Horticulture and Garden Design, we are here to take your call.